Test d’Évaluation de Français

The TEF is an exam which allows you to provide confirmation of your level of French in a professional, academic or mobility-related context. The five different versions of the TEF are:

  • TEF Études – Studying in France
  • TEF Naturalisation – Obtaining French Nationality
  • TEF Carte de résident – Obtaining a French Resident Card
  • TEF Canada – Immigrating to Canada and obtaining Canadian Citizenship
  • TEF Québec – TEFAQ – Immigrating to Québec

TEF Exams

Oral Comprehension
(40 minutes)


Oral Expression
(15 minutes)


Written Expression
(60 minutes)


Written Comprehension
(60 minutes)


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Requirements for Candidate Evaluations

Please note that the test centre is not authorized to provide information regarding the number of evaluations you must complete, as these requirements vary between candidates. It is your responsibility to select all the evaluations that you require.