Make your experience work for you

What is the Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)?

The Recognition of Acquired Competencies (RAC) is a process used to identify and officially recognize your skills and competencies. It also identifies any missing training components you need to obtain for a diploma.

Is RAC for me?

Anyone who has work experience can be a RAC candidate. The process is an opportunity to update your skills and put your valuable experiences together to further your career. This can help you further your career and earn more money.

When can I start?

Unlike traditional programs, you can start the RAC process at any time during the year. After submitting all required documents, the RAC advisor will analyze your file and we will set up a meeting with our expert from the desired program to build a personalized plan to obtain your diploma.  The content expert will determine which competencies of the program you are ready to be assessed on and/or those that will require additional learning.